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Mechanical pencils
Muffin tops
Yucca plants
Sponge Bob



Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all...

--Emily Dickinson



I found a box of cassette tapes in the closet from way way back. Highlights include:
My dad's health checked out okay on Tuesday. We are so grateful. Now we just have to be patient while his eye continues to heal. So thankful for friends, family, and health. We celebrated with my brother today (steaks, blue cheese potato gratin, pumpkin cheesecake) and on Saturday have the full blown traditional Thanksgiving with rest of family. Much love to all. Amen.




Over the course of the last few weeks, emails have been bouncing back and forth about the possibility of a Potato Exhibit at the United States Botanic Gardens in Washington DC next May. Meredith and Tom Hughes, co-founders of THE POTATO MUSEUM, an organization dedicated to researching, preserving and explaining to the public the history of the world's most valuable plant, are the organizers. Rebecca, Nina and I have decided to participate. Our first potato event, The Potato Eaters: Dig It Baby! was in St. Louis, Missouri in January of 2002. The Cult of Potato group exhibit followed in February 2005 at the Contemporary Art Collective in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My first instinct was to say no to this invitation. But I always have such a good time at these events and the opportunity came about right on the heels of The Kick Ass Awards -- so I was feeling a certain calling, a need to do something creative and communal. Then over this weekend at my parent's, I stumbled upon The Complete Potato Cookbook at an antique store AND my mom found a heart-shaped potato in her bin. I took these as signs. So now I'm contemplating potato-inspired artwork that has some component of education and/or interactivity and/or community. Ideas abound. Time does not. We'll see how it goes. You can follow the activity at http://cultofpotato.magntize.com/.

Classic cookbook by Ruth Bakalar, copyright 1969. "Here, at last, is a book that celebrates the lowly potato in teh style it deserves, presenting sumptuous food that are bound to please even the most finicky palate."

Mom scores a giant heart-shaped potato. We couldn't bear to eat it.
Me, contemplating the potato. Photo courtesy Jess Dewes.


100 Things That Delight Me

In no particular order...
  1. The sound of whippoorwills
  2. Giant round bales of hay
  3. Audrey’s laugh
  4. Everything about Lindsey
  5. Big skies
  6. Baking pies
  7. Aprons
  8. Zinnias
  9. Hanging out with my mom
  10. Watching my dad with Audrey
  11. Finding heart shaped rocks or potatoes
  12. Red wine and good cheese with girlfriends
  13. Paint chips
  14. My brother Jeff telling a good story
  15. Decorating magazines
  16. Picnics
  17. Kick Ass Awards
  18. Dewes Annual Chili Cook-off
  19. Herb gardens
  20. My brother Tony scratching his temples with excitement
  21. Photobooths
  22. When The New Yorker arrives
  23. St. Louis Botanical Garden
  24. Good thrifting/antiquing
  25. Cooking for family or friends
  26. Hugs from Sam and Jacob
  27. The smell of gardenias
  28. So many kind and creative friends
  29. Bird nests
  30. Red shoes
  31. Getting a good haircut
  32. Listening to loud music in my car
  33. Painting
  34. Road trips
  35. Trying new recipes
  36. Planning vacations
  37. Art musuems
  38. The cabin in Colorado
  39. Remembering my wedding day
  40. Sitting under the big tree in my parent’s back yard in Cole Camp, while clothes dry on the line
  41. When a poem comes together
  42. Marrying into such a swell family
  43. Going for a walk in the spring, summer or fall
  44. Annual Christmas shopping trip with mom, aunts, and cousins
  45. Reading Lindsey’s email from our courtship
  46. You Are My Sunshine
  47. Winning a game of Scrabble against Lindsey
  48. Cowboy Boots
  49. NPR
  50. Old timey country music
  51. My parents still being in love
  52. Sharing a birthday so close to my mom’s
  53. Float trips
  54. Annual 4th of July celebration with family
  55. The tree in the yard across the street during autumn
  56. Watching Audrey “read” books
  57. Knowing all the words to It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  58. A fancy dinner out
  59. Studio space
  60. Starry starry nights
  61. Audrey running towards me or Lindsey
  62. The smell of Play-Doh
  63. Sending or receiving great mail (real mail, not email)
  64. Trees
  65. Great short stories
  66. Tire swings and porch swings
  67. Nice sheets
  68. Eating breakfast out
  69. Going to see a great movie
  70. A flexible schedule
  71. Having such a wonderful childhood and family
  72. Mary Janes (the shoe, not the candy)
  73. Miniature Golf
  74. Finally being a mom
  75. Great blogs
  76. Richard Scarry
  77. Bookstores and libraries
  78. Sewing and embroidery
  79. All or mostly white bedrooms
  80. Hot showers
  81. Mashed potatoes
  82. Vintage anything (toy refrigerators, coats, house dresses, linens, dishes, photos)
  83. Garden fresh tomatoes
  84. Polka dots
  85. Handmade
  86. Chocolate sheet cake
  87. Art supply stores
  88. Hugs and kisses
  89. Free time
  90. Reading in bed with Lindsey before going to sleep
  91. Finding the perfect gift
  92. Ice ice cold beer
  93. Old farm houses
  94. The smell of grass
  95. Jazz
  96. Nature
  97. Memories of my grandparents
  98. Brainstorming
  99. Dance parties with my sweeties
  100. Float trips


Outstanding In The Field

Those who know me, know I love to cook for other people. I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like or as much as I used to. I find Outstanding In The Field so utterly inspirational. What a dream job/situation.


Power Cord

I love this knit extension cord from KnitKnit's Etsy shop. But I have so many flippin' scarves and scarf-like accessories already.


Shoe Fantasy

Hump Day Shoe Fantasy: Three pairs of shoes to get me to the weekend. Note that all three of these are so far removed from the boring reality encasing my depressed feet right now it is ridiculous.

Wednesday: 1960's vintage Christian Dior Oxfords from Rice & Beans Vintage.

Thursday: Red flower platform pumps from Anthropologie.

Friday: Blue leaf detail booties from Chloe.


High School

Just found this photo I took probably around 1982/freshman year in high school of either some of my birthday or Christmas presents.
  • Jean Nate Body Splash Gift Set
  • Love's Baby Soft Gift Set
  • Some sort of Chanel perfume
  • Rainbow note board
  • Rainbow socks
  • Unicorn note pad
  • Valley Girl book (what to wear, how to talk, etc.)
  • Lip gloss in an ice cream cone shaped dispenser
  • Assorted costume jewelry and hair accessories
  • Turquoise bandana
  • Miniature deck of playing cards
  • Two sweaters (one matched my boyfriend's sweater-Ugh!)
  • Plaid nightgown

Also, now that I see it, I remember I had about a million ads from mags like Seventeen and Glamour hanging all over my walls. And this was all displayed on my canopy bed with patchwork bedspread. I had it good. What a dork.


Three Sweet Things for a Monday

Marta at m.writes has assembled a sweet page of Audrey quotes, complete with photos. I love the grocery totes silkscreen with vintage purse images available at ShowPony on Etsy. And Lindsey got baby girl's birthday present assembled (3+ hours). Now we just have to find somewhere to hide it for a month. 


Sammy Peters

Gallery hopping via the internet. Found these Sammy Peters paintings. Love them. Check out his website.


4th Grade Poetry

Um, more stuff from the archives. Presidents and clowns...heavy topics, indeed.

Smile All The Time

Throwing out massive amounts of paper from the past. Not sure what was going on in my head with this journal entry.


I Feel Drunk All The Time

Mingus and Patchen

I missed Day of the Deadbeats this year, and was really bummed when I saw Joseph Sulier was going to close the evening with a Kenneth Patchen poem. I had a letter from Miriam Patchen thumb tacked to my wall for the longest time.

I Feel Drunk All The Time

Jesus it's beautiful!
Great mother of big apples it is a pretty

You're a bastard Mr. Death
And I wish you didn't have no look-in here.

I don't know how the rest of you feel,
But I feel drunk all the time

And I wish to hell we didn't have to die.

O you're a merry bastard Mr. Death
And I wish you didn't have no hand in this game

Because it's too damn beautiful for anybody to die.