Over the holiday weekend, Lindsey and I completed a yard project that has been on "the list" for about three years. Nothing fancy. Just putting down some weed barrier, rocks, and pavers under the deck so we don't have to mow and it doesn't get so jungle-like. Gardening and yard work always make me feel so satisfied. Those are the rare occasion when my mind isn't racing with a million other thoughts. I'm just in the zone, completely in the moment with the task at hand. I haven't done much gardening at this house. This yard and I never connected and it was just harder to find the time with a newborn. I am very eager to find a house with a loveable yard, or one I can transform into loveable. On Sunday afternoon, when we were done, we sat back against the fence, our nails crusted with dirt, drinking lemonade and feeling might proud with what we'd accomplished in the little space of three hours.


Wrapping The Week

My grandma (back row in yellow) always called Memorial Day, Decoration Day, and would visit the cemetery with her sisters. I miss her and sure wish she and my other grandma and both grandpas could experience Audrey. In recent years we've always celebrated Memorial Day a the Lake as the kick-off to summer. So tomorrow, we are heading to my parent's. I hope to experience lots of stars by the campfire. Audrey is already there, so we actually have a date night tonight. And I'm also celebrating the loss of 25 pounds. Yay for me.

All around this week:

Little Owls

Someone I know might be getting married soon...

Love this on so many levels.

Lots of color.

And how come I love this so much?

Embroidery, oh, embroidery.

One day at a time.

Those rocket pops look awesome and delicious.

The 24 hour woman.

I Wish I Was the Moon by Neko Case on Grooveshark



It is pretty hard for me to care about anything else lately. My ice cream-picnic-park-fun-lovin' crew of two. Sweet stuff!


Wrapping The Week

Our first CSA box of the season came this week and we've had some mean greens over the past few days. Audrey loved getting a box "from the farm". We have dinner guests coming on Saturday - a couple from Lindsey's book group in Austin. And I have to bake a pie this weekend. I raffled one off as part of a charity drive at work. The winner wants a pear and chocolate tart. I'm eager for the weekend. Real eager. My baking chops are rusty.

The Elevated Envelope is my favorite find of the week. Hands down.

Love this Syndey home. 

Ravishing Ric Rac

Let's dance!

Vintage sewing patterns 

Sometimes sparkle makes me happy.

Joanna had a link to a nine year old's blog on school lunches. Awesome.

Love to you.

Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine by Carolina Chocolate Drops on Grooveshark


Going Places

Funniest line I've read in a long time...

If something feels right, I'll drive all night in a push-up bra to get there.

Thank you, Danielle LaPorte. The Fire Starter Sessions is a gigantic wow and I was prepared to be underwhelmed.



Recipe for a good day:
  • Read a good book and have a cup of coffee all by yourelf at the park.
  • Attend a preschool parade.
  • Have a major home improvement project completed and paid for.
  • Take a nap with your daughter.
  • Go on a picnic dinner with your kid and husband.
I'm 3/5ths of the way there. Huzzah!


Weekend Bits & Pieces

Fantastic time in Chicago with my mom. Signature Room at the Hancock Building on Friday night with a stellar table. The first time my mom was ever in a cab and our driver had a big rasta hat covered in pot leaves. Weeee! Saturday we headed to the Ukaranian Village neighborhood to check out Hoosier Mama Pie Company and a few other shops. Sadly, it was rainy and many places didn't open until later in the day. But we had fun exploring.  So much chitting and chatting the entire weekend. I even missed my St. Louis exit on the way home. Lindsey and Audrey did great on their own (5 hours at the Magic House on Saturday!). Glad to be home with my sweet girl and rockin' husband.


Wrapping The Week

This weekend my mom and I are heading to Chicago for a whirlwind road trip. My friend Tracy is letting us stay in her awesomely located and beautifully appointed place. My mom means the absolute world to me and I'm really looking forward sharing this experience together. As always, leaving Audrey is causing a bit of anxiety. I'm so excited to get away but I worry all the time. But that is what you sign on to when you have a kid. She is changing so much and I cry at least once a week over how immense her sweetness is. Tonight she showed us where the "United Skates" was on the globe and told us she wanted to go to the "Enemy Countwy". It took a while but we figured out she meant the country of Italy. Also, in the picture above where she is pretending to play baseball - about five minutes prior she had taken off like a wild woman running down the sidewalk with only her pants on, hair tangled and whipping in the wind. Keeping clothes and shoes on her may be our biggest challenge as parents. Let's hope so, anyway.

That's all I got to wrap this week. Happy Mother's Day to all the fine mamas I know and to all the moms who bust their asses with little or no support system(s). Being a mom is hard work. Period. I'm glad I have as much help as I do. I love my girl. I love my mom.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Pockets, 2005 (Wall hanging made from repurposed wool coat)
"Think Potato" Show at Las Vegas Contemporary Art Collective

Last night I made sweet potato wedges in the oven. Recipes for sweet potato fries are all over the internet, but this one is really easy, flexible, and healthy. A couple of weeks ago when we were eating dinner Audrey said, "Vegetables make you strong but potatoes make you happy." Wise girl. Technically, sweet potatoes aren't potatoes at all, but I think that lesson can wait until she is older.

Sweet Potato Wedges
  • 2 large sweet potaoes, washed and patted dry. No need to peel.
  • 1 tsp. to 1-1/2 tsp. olive oil
  • salt, pepper, rosemary to taste*
  1. Put olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary in large zip-lock bag.
  2. Cut each sweet potato into 8 - 10 wedges. Personally, I like smaller wedges because they cook faster and end up crispier.
  3. Put sweet potatoes in bag and shake to coat.
  4. Arrange wedges on a cookie sheet prepared with cooking spray.
  5. Bake at 450 degress for 15 minutes. Turn over/toss and then bake an additional 15-20 minutes.
*Instead of rosemary, you can use cumin and chili powder for a kickier flavor.


Wrapping The Week

The sky this morning was black. But it is Cinco De Mayo and Derby weekend and this afternoon the sun comes out to remind me that life is about more than work, which has been disappointing on a lot of levels lately. But I painted this week and three of my favorite people had birthdays to celebrate and I always always have my sweet baby girl and Lindsey to keep me afloat. I'm eager to enjoy the weekend to the fullest. Perhaps I'll throw on skirt and do a little dancing.  

Islands by Cat Power on Grooveshark



Sparkle & Shine

Little collage/painting I made for Katy's birthday yesterday. We spent the late evening on the deck drinking prosecco after my parents and nephews left. I made a big family dinner and those boys went through 3 lbs. of mashed potatoes!

I have been so preoccupied and stressed about moving and about schools for Audrey. The loop runs through my mind all day long and as I try to sleep. I need to let it go. My sparke and shine are fizzling and flopping.


Ninja Monkey

These are four drawings that hang in my work area. My nephew Sam drew the Ninja Monkey when he was six. I think that is a feather sword and that necklace would make any hip hopper envious. My niece Claire drew the little girl (2 years ago?). I love the big red sun, shoes, berries on the bush, and her hands.  And Audrey drew our house with a rain cloud and a bird flying (this week). She is totally into clouds and rainbows lately. (Duh, she's 4.) Kid art makes me so happy.